The Bungalove

The Bungalove is designed as an open space with windows facing the sea and opening on a large terrace, with shade. It is the perfect place for a romantic time. The house is located only 1.5 km from the beach and the village of Saree, the main one on the island. In the house, you'll find a bedroom with a king size bed, a bathroom with toilets, and few steps below, the living area with the kitchen. On the terrace, you'll enjoy a queen size bed for naps, a large table and a BBQ, some sun chairs, a hammock, a coffee table... and also an outside shower to enjoy the nature!


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About Koh Tao

Koh Tao is ranked #1 by Tripadvisor as best Island to visit in South West Asia! There a plenty reasons why! Of course Koh Tao is famous for diving, but it also has a huge variety other things to do, restaurants and beaches to discover. Read moreā€¦